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Acquisition of BGS Solutions

SCHNEIDER JAQUET is pleased to announce the acquisition of BGS Solutions, a company specializing in the design and production of equipment for the particle size and density separation of all types of materials and bulk products. By joining forces, SCHNEIDER...


SJC press release about COVID-19.

SNST 3150

Sifting, calibrating, sorting solutions at Schneider-Jaquet

Drawing on its knowledge and expertise, the Anjou-based enterprise is seeking to move up a gear in the bulk market in France and focus on exports.

Nettoyeur séparateur

Schneider Jaquet, 150 years of innovation

In 2018, SJC launched an extensive improvements and redesign programme for its equipment range.

SNST 2150

Bulk, a market with high potential

“There is great potential in the bulk market, and more than ever we want the company to play a role in the sector”

nettoyeur séparateur 1150 Sup

Schneider-Jaquet expands its modular range

SJC designed the SNST 1150V, first machine from the new modular range. It will be equipped with assisted doors.

Solutions for adding value

to solid bulk material


Since 1868, Schneider Jaquet (SJC) has designed and manufactured equipment for cereal storage.

Schneider Jaquet’s history and reputation have made it a reference provider of cleaning, sorting, calibrating and sifting solutions in France. Our wide range of SNST cleaners will meet the needs of a highly diversified clientele: storage facilities, agro-industries, silos, agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers, etc.

Drawing on its extensive experience in cereals, SJC develops further expertise in many other industries: wood, waste, ore, grapes, sugar, cocoa, insects, etc.

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Discover our new SNST 100 tph with layered casing.

The ideal compact machine when space is an issue.


Vegepolys Valley

SJC joined the Vegepolys Valley cluster for competitiveness in June 2018 and has taken an active part in brainstorming day sessions on topics specific to its business (grain storage, insect control, lentils, etc.)


In 2019, SJC formed a partnership with ARVALIS – Institute for research on plants – to characterise the performance of its separator cleaners in real conditions (the SNST 550 was made available for ARVALIS’s experimental farm).


AITTEC ENV joined the grapeseed valorisation project initiated by SJC by providing, upstream of our separator cleaners, latest-generation ECOPRESS compacting presses, which are able to decrease the humidity level to 50% and thus provide for optimum operation of our separator cleaners.



SJC is the exclusive dealer of BALAGUER rolls in France.