412S Calibrator (40 tph – barley)

Depuis 150 ans


Schneider Jaquet’s barley 412S Calibrator is designed to separate grains of different sizes using several sifts that are operated with planetary movement. Smaller sized grains do not have the same germinating capacities as bigger sized grains, making calibrating necessary. This machine is used in storage facilities, processing plants and malt factories.


412S Calibrator operation is based on planetary movement. Grains are shifted over 48 screens divided into 2 casings. The flow rate can be as high as 40 tph.


• Highly consistent, enhanced flow rate
• Planetary movement keeps grains from getting stuck in the screens.
• Unblinding of sifts achieved with de-gumming balls
• Heavy-duty, reliable equipment
• Easy maintenance
• Low maintenance costs
• Compact machines