SNST 4150 Separator-cleaner

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The SNST 4150 separator-cleaner is designed for multiple uses and meets all cleaning needs: from basic cleaning upon reception and before storing to very fine cleaning before shipment.
The basic cleaning flow rate is 400 tph for wheat, but it can be adapted to any type of grain or seed: wheat, corn (maize), barley, oat, flax, rapeseed, peas, broad beans, etc.


Schneider Jaquet separators-cleaners operate on the basis of planetary movement, allowing better distribution of grains all over the sifting surface and thus enhancing the flow rate and yield.

This machine combines the functions of a dust remover, screener, lump breaker and scrubber, making the best of the most reliable techniques currently available for this work. It is made of a hanging casing that is set in planetary motion by out-centred masses driven by a vertical shaft and low-power electrical motor.

1- Grain is fed into a feeding casing which spreads it in an even layer over the entire width of the machine.

2- Once the good product is obtained, it is fed through sixteen lump-breaking sifts that remove large waste or bigger grains and direct them to the large waste exit. The good product is then fed through sixteen screening sifts that separate fine products and direct them towards the screenings exit.

3Once sifted, the good product is fed in a layer and let to fall as a cascade into the suction exit: an air flow is sent through the cascading grains, allowing for efficient, total and immediate extraction and collection of light particles: shells, hollow grains, light grains, broken grains.
• Unblinding of sifts is achieved by de-gumming balls.
• A wide range of options makes this machine easily adaptable to different applications.


• Meshed distribution
• Abrasion coating of Creusabro® or Rhino-hyde® type
• Seed well
• Common expansion chamber mounted on frame
• SEPU 200B Scrubber
• Adaptable to food safety constraints


• Planetary movement keeps grains from getting stuck in the screens.
• Easy maintenance
• Low maintenance costs
• Heavy-duty, reliable equipment
• Changing of sifts is quick and easy
• Compact machine

nettoyeur séparateur SNST 4150
Model Flow rate (tph)* Surface area of screens (sq. m.) Dimensions** (mm) Weight** (kg) Power (kw)
Length Width Height
SNST 4150 400 32 4,003 3,590 4,040 6,600 7.5

* V111 Version

coupe nettoyeur séparateur SNST 4150

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