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Since 1868, Schneider Jaquet (SJC) designs and manufactures equipment for grain storage facilities.

With over 150 years of history and achievements, the Company became the French reference in cleaning, sorting, sizing and sifting solutions. Its cleaning and sorting machines succeeded to fulfill wide range of customer requirements in the grain business from storage Companies to silos, CUMAs and farmers.

With this strong expertise in the grain business, SJC now adresses many over business areas : wood, minerals, grapes, cocoa, sugar, insects, waste, …

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SNST 3150

Sifting, calibrating, sorting solutions at Schneider-Jaquet

Forte de son savoir-faire, la société angevine veut passer à la vitesse supérieure sur le marché du vrac en France, mais également à l’export.

Nettoyeur séparateur

Schneider Jaquet, 150 years of innovation

SJC a lancé en 2018 un large programme d’améliorations et de refonte de sa gamme de machines.

SNST 2150

Bulk, a market with high potential

“Le potentiel dans le marché du vrac est important, et plus que jamais nous voulons que la société soit un acteur-phare du secteur”


Discover our new SNST 100T/h with stacked boxes.

A compact machine, ideal for difficult implementations.


Vegepolys Valley

SJC joined the French competitive cluster “Vegepolys Valley” in June 2018 and activily contributes to discussions wihtin the range of its activities (grain storage, disinsectisation, lentils chain, …) 


SJC established partnership with ARVALIS – Institut du Végétal in 2019 in order to characterize, under real conditions, its cleaning and sorting machines’ performances (free provision of a SNST 550 at the ARVALIS’ experimental farm)


AITEC ENV joined forces with the SJC‘s project in the field of grape seeds recovery by combining its compaction balers ECOPRESS, wich succeed to reduce moisture content by 50%, with SJC’s cleaning and sorting machines.



SCJ is the exclusive distributor, on French territory of BALAGUER’s cylinders.