​Sorting, calibrating and sifting solutions at SCHNEIDER JAQUET



Drawing on its knowledge and expertise, the Anjou-based enterprise is seeking to move up a gear in the bulk market in France and focus on exports.

Since 1868, SCHNEIDER JAQUET & Company has manufactured machines for the food industry (silos, mills, seed companies, etc.).
Part of our plant is dedicated to milling. We can adjust and flute cylinders of all brands and for all types of equipment. In partnership with the foundry Balaguer, we are offering a full range of new cylinders. Over the last 20 years, SJC has become a key player in grain cleaning through the development of the SNST range: separator cleaners that can process from 2.5 to 400 tonnes/hour. We also have machines such as barley calibrators, de-stoners, densimetric tables, croppers, etc.

Article published in INFOVRAC – March 2017