Schneider-Jaquet expands its modular range


Since 1868, Schneider Jaquet (SJC) has stood out due to its quest to find solutions always adapted to the multiple constraints encountered by customers and users by studying projects for renovation, increasing capacity or building new silos. If installing new materials “instead” is economically preferable to limit changes to supply, waste take-back or flooring, the congestion problem often makes this solution impossible. To meet this need, SJC has designed the vertical SNST 1150, the first machine in its new modular range. Designed by layering casings to gain floor space, the vertical SNST 1150 is easily installed “instead of” an old machine with significantly lower cleaning capacities. The vertical SNST 1150 is also equipped with a new ergonomic door opening and closing system, which the company has developed for its SNST 550, 1150 & 2150. The new cylinder doors enable easier, faster and safer opening and closing, while offering a simpler sift clamping system. When re-closing, the door automatically locks the sift, eliminating the manual action necessary before. This system also reduces time (70% gain when changing sift – 1 min. 30 compared to 5 min. with the old system), all while offering greater comfort and better ergonomics for operators.

gamme modulaire