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The decorticating and scouring brush is used to do a cautious clean by friction of most of the grains and cereals. The friction comes with the rotor action equipped with 6 beaters rotating inside a roller with adapted roughness to the wished work. Different beaters or brushes are available to adapt the machine to the product: -The right beater performs a simple brewing without the product moving forward -The brush performs a brushing without the product moving forward: -The tampico brushes for a soft brushing -The aranga brushes for a medium brushing -The nylon brushes for an intensive brushing. -The phase advancer causes the progression of the product inside the roller. Applications: wheat, rye, barley, oat, buckwheat, legumes etc...

We offer 3 versions of decorticating and scouring brushes: SEDA 45-80 = 2.5 t/h, SEDA 62-120 = 8 t/h, SEDA 62-180 = 13 t/h